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Dates for your diary

Thursday October 5th Cafe Church 10.30-11.30 St Pauls

Saturday October 21st Coffee Morning 10-11.30 St Pauls

Saturday November 25th Christmas Bazaar 12.00-3.00pm Village Hall

Church Services at All Saints Wimbish


Every Month: 

1st Sunday     11am Family Service (Village Worship)

2nd Sunday    11am Holy Communion

3rd Sunday     11am Matins
[Book of Common Prayer] 

4th Sunday     11am Holy Communion 

5th Sunday     9.30 am Holy Communion
[Joint service and may be in Debden or Wimbish Church]


'Thank yous'

Thanks go to Tracey and Jeremy who rode their tandem for the Friends of Essex Cycle Ride. They raised £141 to be shared between FEC and the church.

A very pleaseant time was had by all at the Macmillan Coffee morning. It was very well supported and we raised £313.30.

Following the Harvest Lunch we will be sending £178.20 to Yemen via DEC (Disasters and Emergencies Committee).

The contributions to Jimmys were also gratefully received


 Services for October in Wimbish and Debden

October 1st

Debden 9.30

Wimbish 11.00

Trinity 16

Holy Communion

Harvest Festival

October 8th

Debden 9.30

Wimbish 11.00

Trinity 17

Harvest Festival

Holy Communion

October 15th

Debden 9.30

Wimbish 11.00

Trinity 18

Holy Communion


October 22nd

Debden 9.30

Wimbish 11.00

Trinity 19


Holy Communion

October 29th

Debden 9.30

Last after Trinity, Bible Sunday

Holy Communion Joint Service

November 5thDebden 9.30

Wimbish 11.00


Holy Communion

Village Worship

All Souls Service




Wimbish Church News


Dear Friends

Autumn is well and truly upon us and the days of the summer sun, when it appeared, are far behind. So, as we turn to celebrate our harvest festival this month, the sight of combine harvesters reaping the crops from the field are perhaps a fading memory. Even though I have lived in suburban environments, I have often taken part in Harvest Festivals and duly brought in fresh groceries, or packets and tins of food to share with organisations that help support the less fortunate in the local community. I see here in Wimbish, there is a similar tradition, and offerings from this year’s festival will be going to support Jimmy’s – the night shelter in Cambridge. This is good and right, yet it is a sign of our times that the need for food banks, for example, is higher now than in any recent times.

One thing that did catch my attention about Harvest this year was the amount of work and organisation it must take to gather the crops in! I know I am new to country living, but it took me by surprise to discover these strange lights I saw across the fields on occasions, late in the August evenings, were not in fact UFO landings but farm workers working long into the night! Harvesting when the weather conditions were favourable does not respect a normal 9-5, weekday existence I have realised. It brought back memories of living near a farm in central Scotland, when for the whole of August, it seemed, all the farm workers were either hard at work in the fields working or sleeping. And their families were just as busy caring for and supporting them.

So, as we gather together, enjoy each other’s company over our harvest lunch and give thanks to God for the more than adequate provision of food for our tables, I am reminded that we should not take these things for granted! If we know any farm workers and families, or meet with them during the course of our Harvest celebrations, perhaps we should make a point of saying a personal ‘thank you’ for their hard work in gathering the crops.

This year, the wet weather may have added to the harvesting difficulties, but as I write this article, the news is full of the destruction wrought by the monsoon floods, particularly in Asia where many subsistence farmer’s livelihoods have been destroyed. We do live very comfortably in our village and although it may seem a relentless plea for support from the many charities that do such vital work supporting those in need, such as Jimmy’s, we should heed the words of St Paul where he encourages us not to give reluctantly or under compulsion, but cheerfully, (2 Corinthians 9:4-8).

Do join us for our Harvest festival in church 11am Sunday 1 October and afterwards for a sharing lunch. With every blessing for a happy harvest.



From the Church





 Wimbish Church needs your help!

Wimbish Church is a beautiful place and like all beautiful places there are always things to be done.

We have a great band of volunteers who do cleaning, flower arranging and churchyard jobs.  But this band of merry men and women is becoming depleted.  We urgently need more people to volunteer to help.

If you feel you can spare an hour our two every 4 to 6 weeks then we would love to hear from you, as the more people we get the less times they will have to volunteer. We need people to do flowers in Church, (no experience needed) and also people who can help in the churchyard.  We also need some people to help clean the church once every 6 to 8 weeks, which we usually do in pairs.

Please contact me if you think that you can help in anyway and we can have a chat about it. You can email me on tracey@hightrees.uk.com or ring me on 01799 523358.

Many thanks Tracey Thurgood-Buss.



St. Pauls Mission Room 

This was the original school and can be found on the corner of the cross roads in the centre of the village near the current school. St. Paul’s has been upgraded to become a comfortable meeting place used for church activities and is available for parties, social events, classes, clubs, meetings etc. Facilities include flip chart. screen and projector and a loop system. There is a small kitchen with cooking facilities and a disabled toilet.

For details about using St. Pauls please contact:

                Janet Swan         Tel: 01799 599540

                Fran Johnson      Tel: 01799 527773


Groups and Activities connected with the Church

Café Church - Thursday October 5th- new time 10.30-11.30 at St Paul's

Cake, coffee and conversation. You will be most welcome.


Film Club

We are looking for volunteers to run Film Club.  If you are interested please contact one of the Churchwardens.

Whist Drive

On the second Friday of each month in St Pauls's.  For further details contact Janet Swan (599540) Resumes in September


(all telephone nos. are Saffron Walden 01799)

Rev'd Canon David Tomlinson

01799 500947 rector.saffronwalden@ntlworld.com

Assistant Curate

Rev'd John Saxon 523358


Tracey Thurgood-Buss
Sewards End 523358

Peter Gray
23 Gaces Acre
Newport CB11 3RE 0790 1946 440

Janet Swan 
Cobblers Cottage
Mill Road, Wimbish CB10 2XD 599540

Frances Johnson 527773
Thaxted Road, Wimbish

Pat Rust 599548
7 Rayments Bungalows
Top Road, Wimbish CB10 2XL

PCC Members
Karen Hepworth, Mary Curtis, Jenny Hare, Clive Williams, Doreen Williams

Church Organists:
Pat Rust 599548
Lynee Ward Booth


Magazine Editor:
Mary Curtis
3 Gunters Cottages
Thaxted Road, Wimbish CB10 2UT 524784