Wimbish Parish Council Minutes and Agenda

Parish council meetings are held in the Pavilion on the Recreation ground in Tye Green at 7.30 pm every first Wednesday of the month. There is a short opportunity for visitors to speak at the start of each meeting, after which visitors may stay if they wish but are asked not to speak. The agenda for each meeting is published a few days in advance of each meeting, both on this website (see below) and on Parish Council notice boards. Minutes of meetings are approved one month in arrears and are then published both here (see below) and on Parish Council notice boards.

Agenda Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2018

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting May 2018

Agenda April 2018

Minutes March 2018

Minutes February 2018

Minutes January 2018

Minutes December 2017

Minutes November 2017

Minutes October 2017

Minutes September 2017

Minutes August 2017

Minutes July 2017

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Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2017

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting May 2017

Minutes March 2017

Minutes February 2017

Minutes January 2017

Minutes December 2016

Minutes November 2016

Minutes October 2016

Minutes September 2016

Minutes August 2016

Minutes June 2016

Minutes May 2016 (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

Minutes May 2016 (Annual Parish Meeting)

Minutes April 2016

Minutes March 2016

Minutes February 2016

Minutes January 2016

Minutes December 2015

Minutes November 2015

Minutes October 2015

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Minutes April 2015 (Annual Parish Meeting)

Minutes April 2015 (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

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Minutes January 2015

Minutes December 2014

Minutes November 2014

Minutes October 2014

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Minutes May 2014 (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

Minutes May 2014 (Annual Parish Meeting)

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Minutes May 2013 (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

Minutes May 2013 (Annual Parish Meeting)

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Minutes January 2013